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Every morning the sun comes up over stately Roxford Park; a historic landmark in the former, Roxford, OH, a ridge-top village in rural Tuscarawas County that disappeared in the 1940's. The breath-taking view from the ridge and the architectural wonder of the schoolhouse have impressed and enthused all its visitors. 

ROXFORD PARK is the old school grounds where Roxford District School was re-built as a one-room schoolhouse in 1918 and used until 1954 before becoming the home of Casella Winery. It replaced the wooden structure that had burned on this site. Some of the original foundation stones are in the front yard.

Come see & feel for yourself. Enjoy your stay and come back for more. Roxford Park is like a growing child.

Every year Casella Winery has expanded Roxford Park.

Purchased In 2013, Roxford District School stood alone. The addition of handicap access and entrance including a handicap restroom were required. That came first in the form of a grand, one hundred foot ramp overlooking a descending pasture while rising up to the level of the tasting room. The effect can be dizzying. 

Every year more has been added. Roofs have been added to the new 1040 square foot deck  including covering the ramp. Both levels are handicap accessible and there is parking for one van accessible parking space.

In 2015, the front yard was excavated for a parking area, and the material removed created the terrace behind the barn. In 2017, a back yard terrace was created with one hundred tons of added dirt. In 2018, a 320 square foot covered outdoor stage was built off the edge of the backyard terrace.

In the coming year there will be more refinements; landscaping throughout Roxford Park & finishing the lower deck construction.

The future plans are for three lodges to be set along the western treeline. Details are being developed. Be a part of our growth.