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Roxford Park 

Every morning the sun comes up over stately Roxford Park; a historic landmark in the former, Roxford, OH, a ridge-top village in rural Tuscarawas County that disappeared in the 1940's.  ROXFORD PARK is the old school grounds where Roxford District School was re-built as a one-room schoolhouse in 1918 and used until 1954 before becoming the home of Casella Winery. It replaced the wooden structure that had burned on this site. Some of the original foundation stones can be viewed in the front yard.

The breath-taking view from the ridge and the architectural wonder of the schoolhouse have impressed and enthused all its visitors. Come see & feel for yourself.

Every year Casella Winery has expanded Roxford Park. It has always been and most likely always be a work in progress continually. Purchased In 2013, the building stood alone with an addition for docking and deliveries that had been converted to a screened porch. The addition of a one hundred foot ramp and remodeling of the addition came in 2014. In 2015, the front yard was excavated for parking, creating the terrace behind the barn for bonfires. Also, the main deck was added out back. In 2016, a roof over the deck and ramp were added. In 2017, a back yard was created with 100 tons of fill dirt. In 2018, a covered outdoor stage was added.

Casella Wine

If grapes are the "food of the gods", then grape wine is the nectar. Grapes are the only fruit that contain Everything within itself to undergo a metamorphosis into new wine.  Casella varietal grape juice is ideally fermented into consistently delicious varietal wine that is free of added chemicals and sulfates.

​Casella Winery makes grape wine using juice from California, Italy & Chili primarily. The juice is fermented and bulk aged then bottled unfiltered using a natural cork. Select Casella wines have been barrel aged. All will continue to age in the bottle. A dry red wine approaching one year will show improved character, aroma and color. Casella dry red grape wines are suitable for storing in your cellar. Sweet wines should be consumed for freshness.