It comes from appreciating wine as a part of Sicilian American culture. Growing up, that is what tiny glasses were for. Chianti was the usual house wine and was kept in the corner by the kitchen dining table in a large decanter. Never wasted. Sometimes fortified. When closer to vinegar than wine, It was an essential part of the kitchen complimenting olive oil, garlic, cheese and bread. 

Making fine wine is my blessing. Credit goes to a lifetime of sampling and the intuition that follows from being in my element, a culture of wine and winemaking. I cannot count my good fortune enough. Like my first choice in winemaking, what I like, Sangiovese. This was my discovery of my own homemade Ambrosia. Not only was I under its cherry spell, but everyone I shared it with loved it. And so it has gone on like an infatuation that has never ended.

Less is more. These three words have guided me. It is like being a facilitator that stands by while the juice undergoes a metamorphosis. Time and racking brings out the quality of the wine. Simple methods and no shortcuts makes the wine consistently delicious.

​John Casella, winemaker

     "Homemade with love" is the bottom line. It is that way on the wine label and also in the emerging history of Casella Winery at Roxford Park. The commercially bonded winery was established in 2013 as a home occupation offering one wine, Nonnu's, through wine stores and restaurants. In the same season, the Roxford District School, a 1918 landmark became the new home for Casella Winery. Located amid Atwood, Leesville & Tappan Lakes and southeast of my home, Dover.  Offering wines to please a variety of tastes.

This landmark building and grounds have been dubbed, Roxford Park, where you can hold any special event, indoors or outdoors. Take in the distant country views while you are sipping a favorite wine and enjoying being at Roxford Park. 

What goes along with "homemade" and "love" is "making yourself at home". As much as I love making wine, I love to please and see everyone "in their element". You are welcome here and will be accommodated in any way possible. It is all about the wine and the fellowship.

Winery Beginnings


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