ONCE OPEN IN APRIL, THE TASTING ROOM WILL STAY OPEN YEAR ROUND. We anticipate operating weekday daytime hours and our current weekend schedule. 

Working at Roxford Park

Roxford Park is a scenic destination in the country. It is a beautiful setting and a historic location that pleases everybody. It is a versatile showcase for public and private events, casual dining and relaxing. The tasting room is a simple operation, easy to understand. The winery and distillery are both minimalist in their operation. Being well versed in wine speak is not nearly as important as adopting good human relations and listening well. Our customers are the nicest people in the midst of experiencing all Roxford Park has to take in. 100% of the time you will find these very nice people are awe struck and delighted to have your attention.


Stock and maintain all areas at the beginning of your day.
Maintain requisition list to replenish perishable items.
Enroll once-a-week email members.
Take customer orders, make orders, serve orders over the counter and settle bill.

Serving wine: carafe in-house, Wine bottle, bag and carrier for to-go orders. Maintain airlocks.
Maintain kitchen area, dining area, upper deck, lower deck, two unisex handicap restrooms.
Closing; reconcile guest checks, wash dishes and tables, empty trash, ready for next open.

Security; verify window locks and door locks, shut off scheduled lights.


All of the above operation.
Maintain road sign message.
Schedule hours, oversee operators.
Schedule beer delivery and buy spirits from State Store.
Order supplies, arrange delivery, put away supplies.
Bookkeeping; accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll.
Create promotions, food and drink specials.

Publish once-a-week email regularly.
Book entertainment, maintain website calendar and FB posting
Respond to rental inquiries, quote prices, schedule events, coordinate events.


Everything is kept in a ready state. Clean using mild cleaners and chemically sanitize everything using potassium metabisulfite in a fresh spray solution. One CAUTION here; this gases off during use and can diminish respiration temporarily If inhaled. Everyone (and anyone susceptible!) should avoid the gases coming off this solution, which is easily accomplished with common sense. Masks are available; however, poor decisions can be avoided completely.

Vessels used; 11 – 27L glass carboys, 54L glass demijohns, up to 265L plastic tanks, plastic primary fermenters with lids. Utensils, pumps, hoses, racking canes, clamps, airlocks, hydrometer are cleaned and sanitized as they are used or are coming out of service.


Determine juice; Spring or Autumn harvest. Kit wines are always available. Select quantity and variety, pick-up juice. Schedule ferment and racking times.

From fresh juice or juice concentrate, freshly fermented wine requires periodic racking in order to refine the new wine into nectar for bulk aging, oak aging and drinking. Racking is the process of transferring the wine into sanitized vessels without disturbing the lees left behind in the old vessel. The old vessel is then cleaned and sanitized for next use.


Wine must be absent from air to retain its freshness. Storing wine in bulk requires constant attention to the vessel’s integrity. Airlocks must be in place with enough water to function.


Ideally, being a small, small business, you can do everything that is in this job description and you can never get enough of it. If your enthusiasm is not diminished by this idea, we will want to talk to you about what you want to do that is on this description. It is a joy to serve happy people. It has its rewards both seen and unseen. ​Special consideration will be given to someone demonstrating intuitive well rounded perspective and the maturity to be honest.  Thank you for your interest!

          Please send an email to: vinocasella@gmail.com. 

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