​Everyday the sun comes up over Scenic ROXFORD PARK. A historic landmark in the former, Roxford, OH. A ridge-top ghost town in rural Tuscarawas County lost in the 1900's. 

           Scenic ROXFORD PARK is the improved Roxford Schoolhouse and yard.  It was built in 1918 as a one-room schoolhouse and replaced the wooden one-room schoolhouse that had burned on this site. Some of those original foundation stones are exposed in the front yard. The original well is on the concrete pad in front, also. It used to have a pumphouse on it. 

It was used as a school until 1954 and in 2013 became the home of Casella Winery and Distillery. The building has undergone renovation inside with many original features remaining and many additions to the exterior and grounds which are a real gem. The breath-taking view from Roxford Park and the architectural wonder of the schoolhouse have impressed and enthused all our visitors. 
See & feel it for yourself. Enjoy your stay and come back for more  ​